Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tutorial: Decoupage Candle Holder

Via the lovely Ms Zanna;

1 CLEAN glass candle holder of any shape or size
1 candle that will fit well in the glass (make sure it smells yummy !)
1 computer and printer to print out your images (I used images of old horror movie posters off of the internet)
1 pair of scissors
1 large paintbrush and a sponge roller or brayer
1 jar of Mod Podge
*Optional* Glitter, stickers, ribbon, etc.

Step 1) Find your images, print them out or cut them out of a magazine and cut all of them to your desired size/shape/whatever

Step 2) Take your CLEAN glass holder (remember to wash your glass with hot soapy water and dry it well or you might sabotage your project) and give it a nice coat of Mod Podge

* This step is entirely optional* I'm really A.nal about brush strokes, even strokes made by sponge brushes, so I use a sponge paint roller to even out the texture of the Mod Podge. Yes, I'm OCD, but hey at least my projects look nice Plus I like that it gives the glass a frosty look.

Step 3) Next, take your cut out images and place them carefully on your glass, smoothing out the wrinkles with a brayer or your sponge roller.

Step 4) Next, after all of your images are on the glass, give the images a nice coat of Mod Podge. After about 15 minutes, do it again.

*Optional* add some glitter, stickers, or tie a ribbon around your candle holder to finish it off.

Step 5) Light your candle and bask in the glow of your own awesomeness

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bitch Of The Month: Broke from Illinois

What is your craft?
I have to pick one? I sew, make jewelry, and cast resin for Crossbones Couture. I also have training in lost wax casting and jewelry making, and pottery.
Why do you craft?
I craft because I love it. If I am not doing something creative, I feel lost. It also helps that it pays the bills! (well, most of the time anyways!)
What are your sources of inspiration?
I try to find inspiration everywhere. It is mostly in colors, when I am out and about, I keep a notebook in my purse, and write down color combinations or shapes that grab my attention. If I see someone bending down to grab a bag of soil at the garden center, and their shirt falls a certain way that looks interesting to me, I jot down a quick drawing. If I see a shirt, or shape that looks cool to me, I will turn that into the inspiration for a line of bags or purses. The inspiration for the newest line of purses, the rock and roll line, came from my love of music combines with my need for function in a bag as a mom of 2! Function for me always comes first, no matter what the design, it HAS to function well for the person using it.
What is your favorite beverage?
Pabst Blue Ribbon, or if I am feeling tame, good old Coke Classic.
Where do you buy your favorite beverage?
PBR is hard to find, so I have to go to the specialty liquor store, or the one in ghetto town! LOL!
How did you come up with your business name?
I needed to find a word that rhymed with skull, and I couldn’t, so I found one that rhymes with Crossbones. Plus, I am intrigued by couture in general.
What is your weapon of choice?
Words, followed by my fist. I have found my knee can also do some pretty hefty damage.
What would you be doing otherwise?
If I did not craft, I would most likely be sitting in an office job, sucking at my life. I actually went to college to be a drug and alcohol addictions counselor. Go figure.
Do you have any advice for other crafters?
Do what you love, and do not let anyone else tell you that what you are doing is wrong. When I first started Crossbones Couture, I was making items that I thought OTHER people would like. Yeah, they sold, but I was MISERABLE with my creative process. I decided to start making stuff that I would actually wear or use, and trying to break the mold. I am much happier, and my sales have started taking off!
Any final last words?
Sometimes, all you need is a large garbage can, some lye, and a place to dump the remains.

Crossbones Couture