Monday, March 16, 2009

News Update

Things you should do, check out, whatever.
First off we have a forum to make up for some things other popular forums were lacking (substance)
Join the official BSS forum and chat with your fellow bitches.
Let's get the ball rolling! Get on yakkin!

March Craft Challenge
Might be a bit late, but get your St Patrick's day on.

Bitch of the Month: Tague

Bitch Of The Month- March
Tague from Illinois

What is your craft?
lately it's been building shelving out of milk and soda crates. i sew a lot too, try to take things that would otherwise be trash and make them into something useful, crochet, and i used to make a lot of jewelry.
Why do you craft?
because i feel like i'm worthless if i'm not creating something at almost all times. lately crafting has taken a bit of a backseat to writing but i'm planning on making some little hand bound books here soon.
What are your sources of inspiration?
anything that makes me stop and think or makes my heart skip a beat.
What is your favorite beverage?
ARNOLD PALMERS. the black tea ones over the green tea ones. oh and whiskey. but i'm afraid of what the results of mixing the two would be.
Where do you buy your favorite beverage?
the palmers at whatever gas station or convenience marts seem to have them. i usually buy my booze at jewel or strack and van til.
How did you come up with your business name?
my friend jake used to randomly ask all the time "what if tague was a pterodactyl. and thus the moniker ptagueodactyl was born. i wish i had the time/funds to run the etsy right now.
What is your weapon of choice?
What would you be doing otherwise?
i don't even know what i would do if i could never craft. living in a padded cell maybe?
Do you have any advice for other crafters?
don't get all butthurt if someone doesn't like what you made. will it last? do you like it? if the answer to both of those questions is yes, it's all good.
Any final last words?

Sorry this is so late, I'm a busy person. Nominate someone for next month's bitch of the month in the comments if you wish...