Monday, January 19, 2009

Tell me why I don't like mondays...

So it's the beginning of the week, time to dust off those projects and get working!
It's been really cool looking through the Flickr group and seeing all the projects thus far, if you haven't joined yet check it out:

Reminder for those of you interested, we're still collecting recipes for the BSS cook book, I'm working on some design ideas for it, it's going to be awesome, submit and see your recipe with amazing typography.
Scroll down for more details.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tutorial: Craft Book

Brought to you by the lovely Ms Megan

Okay so I wrote a tutorial for a cute and simple craft book to hold your pins needles and scissors.

8X11 piece of fabric for your exterior
8X11 piece of fabric for your interior
8X11 piece of fusible interfacing
2 1/2X3 1/2 piece of fabric or felt for the needles
A scrap of fabric for the pin cushion, you can do it in shapes if you want, I made an eyeball one before.
Another smaller scrap to hold your scissors. No real size just so long it can fit over your scissors and hold them securely.
Some stuffing

1. Gather your materials.

2.Iron your interfacing to the wrong side of your exterior fabric so it is nice and thick.

3.Sew your felt to the right side of the interior fabric.

4.Sew 3 sides of your pin cushion to the right side of the interior fabric. I top stitched it but you can do it whatever way you want. Stuff it with the stuffing but don't put too much you want it full but also thin or it will make your book bulge. And then sew the 4th side. I also forgot to take pictures of this step.

5.Sew your smaller scrap for the scissors. I like to lay my scissors down and make sure it where it needs to be before I sew it.

6.Sew interior fabric and exterior fabric right sides facing. Sew three sides and then turn right side out. Fold over the edges of the 4th side and top stitch all the way the book. It helps it lay flat.

7.And your done. Fill with your crafty things and enjoy.

You can also stray from the instructions and add pockets or whatever to hold other crafty things I just like mine simple.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tutorial: Fabric Flowers

I'm lazy, it took awhile, but here you go. Make your own fabric flowers;

You will need:
Non Stretchy fabric (stole mine off part of a shirt I cut up)
A CD (circular object to trace, or a compass, I thought this was the perfect size)
A sharpie/colored Pencil to trace the CD with
Needle and thread
A button (not pictured)
A hot glue/ glue to attach the button with
And a bobby pin/ clip/ pin back/ whatever

1. Trace your cd five times onto your fabric using your sharpie/ colored pencil.
2.Then take your scissors and cut out the circles.
3. Now take your iron and iron your circles in half.
4. Repeat to make your circles into quarters.
5. Now take your needle and thread and put a running stitch through the bottom of the quarters
6. Finally stitch together in a circle
7. And there you go, glue a button in the middle, add a pin/clip to the back and you're good to go.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Years!

So I slacked at updating, we've kinda been on hold because of school, work, life, whatever, but here's what is going on.

1. We start the new year with a craft challenge.
You may remember this from last time but we are once again having the 100 craft challenge! Think you can craft 100 things by the end of 2009? Anything you can think of! Decoupage, clothing, soap, candles, books, jewelry, home decor, whatever your mind thinks up! One type of item per day/crafting session counts as one, no matter how many you make. I will take a count of everyones crafts and post a tally at the end of each month. All you have to do is post your craft counts on PRD, this blog, tag us in the photo, send them in, and let us know what you have done!
We also have a flickr group for you to submit your pictures to.
If you have any questions just let me know.

2. Built on Respect Cookbook
Well, the "ladies" of BSS are at it again! This time the challenge is recipes, because we are making a Cookbook to benefit Build on Respect. The cookbooks are slated to be ready for Valentine's Day. We don't know how much the books will be, that depends on how many recipes we get. We want all of you to send in your favorite recipe(s) and if you have a friend who is killer in the kitchen have them contribute too.

Even though we are trying to raise some funds for Build on Respect we don't want the cookbooks to end up costing too much. So, we decided we would go for some good old fashion sponsor action. There are three levels of sponsor, for ease of discussion lets call them Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold Sponsors get their name and/or link in the book, in a larger font and an optional logo for 10 dollars. Silver Sponsors get the same in a smaller font for 5 dollars and in case this wasn't absolutely obvious Bronze will get the same in yet a smaller font. Oh, and that warm feeling you get from helping someone out! But, hey if you have money you want to throw around or would like to place an ad in the book email us @

All monies raised (once the cost of the books is covered) will be given to Built on Respect.

Along with your recipe we are going to ask that you sign your name (prd or legal or whatever) on to a piece of white paper and either scan it or take a picture of it for us to use for the book. If this is somehow too hard for you to do, or not something you want to do, don't. Its completely optional.

Recipes can be emailed to

If you would like to contribute in some other way, please contact Meggers or Bean with your ideas or leave me a comment.

Bitch of the Month: The Power of the Bean

What is your craft?
I do a little bit of a lot, I'm a photographer by trade, and I find myself playing with and manipulating pictures often. But, I also love melting plastic and am getting into melting glass and metal. I make sock monkeys, vases out of melted plastic, wooden charms, felt animals, shrink plastic everything. I like to screen print as well. I haven't met a craft I didn't like since counted cross stitch. I don't like following directions, so I make a lot of happy, messy accidents.
Why do you craft?
I have said this many times, about my music, my writing and my crafting, but it is the truth. It is what I do because it is who I am, and it is who I am because it is what I do. I can't not craft, I can't not alter things, I have to do it. Perhaps its a compulsion, perhaps it is passion. So much of life is impersonal and fake and crafting is my rebellion, it makes my world more me and more real. I also meet cool people and learn a lot. Some people see crafting as a way to pass time, but for me it is a way of learning more about myself. There also is a sense of accomplishment and pride you get from having an idea and then making it happen. I get cranky if I am unable to create for long periods of time. I get crafter's block, I don't know if other people get that, but it sucks as hard as writer's block. My mom is super crafty, so I've kinda always been around "arts and crap" as my brother calls it.
What are your sources of inspiration?
I'm honestly a really critical person, so I look at things as they are and think how could it be better. I read a lot of books, craft and others. I am on PunkRockDomestics a lot. Most of my friends are either artists, musicians or crafters on some level. I listen to a lot of music. The status of the world is my problem, crafting and DIY is my solution and PRD, craftbooks, art classes and ecetera are the tools. Or, perhaps I am the tool. Craft books piss me off, someone seriously awesome needs to write one, because the craft books that are out there are all flawed or lacking. It is like the writers are pulling punches, not giving you everything you need to do whatever it is. I never follow the directions, so maybe that is it.
What is your favorite beverage?
Diet Coke with Splenda. Seriously, I have an addiction. I'm also a big fan of Jack Daniels. That is pretty tacky of me, I know. Hell, they taste fantastic together. My favorite cocktail is Vanilla Coke and Captain Morgan's Special Reserve, its tastes like birthday cake. Although, this week I was introduced to Ice T and Rum, it was a good thing. I wish I liked water more.
Where do you buy your favorite beverage?
Meijer. Although, I'd really like to buy a mini soda fountain for my house, it would be way more eco friendly.
What is your weapon of choice?
I learned the correct way to punch a few weeks ago, so right now I'm a big fan of hitting people. I didn't actually know there was a wrong way to punch. Here is the key, keep your fist loose until impact, tighten on impact.
Do you have any advice for other crafters?
craft every day. even if it is just a small little nothing, or a part of a project. Make crafting a habit.
Organize your supplies, it prevents you from losing things, buying duplicates and it can help you stay inspired.
The super glue Future Glue Gel, is far superior to the old school super glue, it holds better but dries slower, so you have more room to make it perfect and you don't glue your fingers together as often.
Take pictures and keep them, create a digital portfolio of your past work.
Any final last words?
Coloring inside the lines is the worst thing you can make a child do. Think about what you are really teaching a child by telling them that their coloring is only good if it stays inside someone else's parameters. Why not teach children to draw their own pictures, and create their own lines? Why do people teach their children to fall in line so early?