Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bitch of the Month: Brooke from Indiana

We welcome a new feature to our crafty community; bitch of the month! Here we're going to highlight people who rock. And to start it off, we have Brooke from Indiana. Who is awesome. Broad blanket statement I know, but hell she's one of few people to submit stuff for our contests. And we like that. Now follow suite.

What is your craft? Mostly sewing, and lots of felt appliqu├ęs, but I've also been known to stencil or bead or melt things.
Why do you craft? It might be trite, but it's really a part of who I am at my most basic level. I need to use my hands to create things. I'll start to feel really antsy and I know I just need to make something.
What are your sources of inspiration? Tattoos, music, cats. Or tattoos of cats playing musical instruments.
What is your favorite beverage? Boozey- dirty grey goose martini. Non-boozey- Arizona Lite Arnold Palmer
Where do you buy your favorite beverage? There is only one gas staion that carries it in my area, and it's a Murphy station.
How did you come up with your business name? When I had my little girl (Viv, who's now 2), my husband and I were trying to think of the most obnoxious nicknames we could give her. Like ItsyBitsyBreath and Stinky Wizzleteets and things like that. So we called her "Poodlekins" for about a week and when it lost it's novelty, I thought it was an appropriately annoying but memorable name for my Etsy venture.
What is your weapon of choice? Craft-wise, a good ol' needle and thread are my faves, but I couldn't function without my sewing machine. Violence-wise, knuckle-dusters make it personal.
What would you be doing otherwise? Other than crafting, I actually do lots of stuff. I foster orphaned kittens, do home-school preschool with Viv, and I'm an official glove-weraing, case-carrying Avon Lady. I also like to bake, cook, get tattooed, watch horror movies, and hang out with fam, including all of the cats and dogs.
Do you have any advice for other crafters? Make sure that you create SOMETHING every week. Even if it's just an instant gratification thing like a simple beaded bracelet or decoupaged tin. If you don't make sure you keep sharp, you'll be more likely to put down your pinking shears and get lazy.
Any final last words? I'm glad that BSS is giving it another go. I love to craft within a community, and sometimes that gets bogged down in personalities and politics and just plain bullshit. Getting back to showing our craft work and inspiring each other is really what this whole thing should be about.

Check out her shop:

2008 Christmas Card Swap

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived! The 2008 BSS Christmas Card Swap is here!
Yes it's that time of the year again. Halloween is but a memory and the stores are stocked up the wazoo with the Christmas season. While all us bitches are hard at work on Christmas crafts and homemade presents. What a better way to celebrate the holiday season and brighten somebodys day at the same time?
For those of you who weren't involved last year, the idea of it is you message us your address and then we message you guys back the whole list. You in turn then make (or buy) christmas cards for the people on the list. It's a great oppurtunity to meet new people from all over the world.
So let's get this rolling. Send your addresses in today!
Deadline for the addresses is December 5th. That gives everyone a good 3 weeks to get organized.
For privacy reasons please keep the addresses in private messages. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Tutorial: Mod Podge Wallet

Another glorious tutorial via Megan.
1.) Gather your materials. Clear Vinyl, Mod Podge, pictures to put inside the wallet, scissors, stuff to sew with and the optional nosy cat.

2.) Cut two (2) matching pieces of vinyl approximately 3"x9"

3.)Spread mod podge on one side of each piece of vinyl for a nice even coat.

4.)Place your pictures onto the mod podge facing down.

5.)Set them aside and let the mod podge dry.

6.) Cut out a piece of vinyl 2 3/4"x4". Sew it on one side of the vinyl with the picture facing up. Leave one side open so you can slide your ID inside.

7.) Cut a piece of vinyl 1 3/4"x4" and a piece 1"x4". Stack them on top of each other so the bottoms line up and sew them onto the other side of the vinyl with the ID pocket. Finish the wallet by sewing around the sides and bottom.

8.)Enjoy your new easy DIY wallet with endless ways of being customized.